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Hoist Test Stands

Pride Tool offers industry-leading and patented hoist test equipment designed with the user in mind.  Our hoist and lift sling Test Equipment is safety-focused, portable, affordable, and highly accurate. Test stands include user-friendly hoist test Certification Software.

Our patented 16-ton hoist and sling test stand and mobile 6-ton test stands are OSHA and ASME compliant*, meeting the “before each use’” standard for the utilization of lift slings and hoists. *As required by OSHA and defined in the applicable sections ASME B30.16 “Overhead Hoists”.

Our Test Stands

Customers tell us that they choose Pride Tool over other competitors because…

  • Meets OSHA Requirements
  • Industry Leading Reliability & Accuracy
  • Includes Test Results Software
  • Ready to Use

Tests to the minimum of 125% capacity required by OSHA.


Our 6-Ton Unit / the Mobile Hoist and Lift Sling Test Stand, features heavy-duty wheels for easy transport around your work site.

Our 16-Ton Unit / the original, patented American Test Stand is equipped with fork pockets to allow for transport with a fork truck.

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Machining and Metal Fabrication

6-Ton Hoist Test Stand

The Pride Tool 6-Ton Mobile Hoist Test Stand is designed for testing hoisting equipment as required by applicable sections of ASME Code B30.16 “Overhead Hoists.

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16-Ton Hoist Test Stand

The Pride Tool 16-Ton Test Stand is designed for testing hoisting equipment as required by applicable sections of ASME Code B30.16 “Overhead Hoists” as well as other related lifting equipment after repair or inspections are performed.

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Optional Test Stand Cage

Our test stand cage is optional for the 16-Ton Hoist Test Stand to provide extra safety to ensure operators and others are protected. Please be sure to request the optional Test Stand Cage when ordering your 16-Ton Pride Tool Hoist Test Stand.

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