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Please complete this form to request pricing information for Pride Tool 6-Ton Mobile and 16-Ton Standard Hoist Test Stands. Safety cages are available for the 16-Ton units as Front only or Full Surround cages. Cages must be requested at the initial time of order with a 16-Ton Hoist Test Stand.

Once you are ready to order, please complete the Hoist Test Stand Order form, located on the products pages of www.pridetool.com or by sending your company's purchase requistion to Pride Tool, 10200 Wayne Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45215 or email to pride@pridetool.com.

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Please enter a summary of your pricing request above. Then enter the quantity next to the Hoist Test Stands below that are to be included in your price reques. Once your pricing request is submitted, a customer service team member will respond with the pricing information for the listed quantities.
6-Ton Mobile Test Standard
HYDRAULIC, MOBILE, LIGHTWEIGHT, HAND-OPERATED HOIST TEST STAND This mobile 6-Ton hoist test stand can easily be moved to multiple inspection areas with base-mounted wheels or with any lift truck using built-in “fork slots”. A Safety Cage in not offered for this test stand.
16-Ton Test Standard
HYDRAULIC, LIGHTWEIGHT, HAND-OPERATED HOIST TEST STAND This 16-Ton hoist test stand can be operated in a vertical or horizontal application for ease of use. The base is designed to work with any lift truck to facilitate ease of movement for on-site testing. A Safety Cage is available as front only or a as a full test stand surround. Please indicate in the boxes below if a Front or Full Safety Cage is desired. Safety cages must be ordered at the time the Hoist Test Stand is ordered. Safety Cages are not sold separately.