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Employee longevity aand Dedication at Pride Tool. Celebrating 35 and 20 years of dedication, our employees play a crucial role in our success.

Employee Longevity and Dedication Celebrated at Pride Tool

Longevity and Dedication – The Pride Tool Difference

Celebrating 35 and 20 years of employee longevity and dedication, our employees play a crucial role in our success. Pride Tool is proud to officially recognize the loyalty, longevity, and achievements of two employees. This month, we are celebrating both Steve Baumer, celebrating his 35th year and Cameron Pease, celebrating his 20th year with Pride Tool.

35 Years Expertise and Dedication

Steve Baumer joined the team in October 1988. Employee longevity and dediction of Steve Baumer with 35 years of service at Pride Tool.Throughout his longevity with Pride Tool, Steve has continued to utilize his expertise to contribute toward the company’s success, as well as assisting the operations team as needed.  As an integral part of the team, Steve dedicates an invaluable amount of knowledge that he uses to continually grow and mentor both new and more junior machinist throughout the shop.

In 2023, Steve accepted a promotion to estimator and has moved to the front office. This has not curtailed his continued mentorship and guidance to our machinist group. He leads by example and is always prepared to support in all aspects of the operations.

Thank you for always putting your best foot forward! Your performance is always top-notch, even when you take on more work. We appreciate your thirty-five years of hard work, dedicaton, and willingness to help the company grow and succeed.


20 Years Expertise and Dedication

Our next senior employee is Cameron Pease. Cameron started his career at Pride Tool in November 2003. Cameron is a senior CNC machinist in our lathe department. This past November marked Cameron’s twentieth consecutive year of employment with Pride Tool. Employee longevity and dediction as exemplified by Cameron Pease, a 20 year experience CNC lathe operator at Pride Tool.

As a CNC lathe machinist, Cameron has proven his ability to effectively use computer-aided manufacturing to measure dimensions, set parameters, and check for quality controls while staying on top of the latest software. As part of his daily routine, Cameron uses the computer aided software to create designs for the production of precision customer parts. He routinely uses his expert skills to operate, maintain/clean, and calibrate machines and other tools. His meticulous attention to detail when inspecting materials for defects and making the necessary adjustments, is a critical step in our quality assurance.

Thank you, Cameron. Your outstanding performance over the last twenty years is an inspiration to us all. Through both your longevity and dedication, we have exceeded our goals for 2023 and look forward to doing the same in 2024. Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you both for being the wonderful people that you are and for each of your contributions to making the difference that Pride Tool makes to our customers.  Your employee longevity and dedication each of you have invested are a crucal factor in the continued success of our business. We are lucky to have you both and hope to have you both with us for many years to come!

As a thank you to both of our most senior and valued employees, both were provided a commemorative plaque along with a significant cash reward to remind them each of the value bring each and every day. Well, done, gentleman. We are so proud to have you both on our winning team.

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