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How welding and social media are the perfect couple

The Perfect Couple – Welding & Social Media!

The powerful tools used in welding to marry together metal plates can be compared to the power behind effective social media communications and how it unites businesses with their customers.

The imagery born from a photo shoot of welding projects is absolutely mesmerizing! This makes for exciting and highly impactful posts on social media, especially for professional welders when done correctly.

Many articles have been written on the topic. According to BakersGas.com, “Two-way communication and a strong marketing strategy will engage your customers or clients and keep them interested… “.

With endless opportunities from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even a personal blog, professional welders can build a network by showcasing their work, sharing expertise, and demonstrating their unique strengths. Each platform provides the ability to upload amazing photographs of projects as well as engaging video footage.

While the exciting photos and videos collected will attract industry professionals and the general public alike, you can’t go wrong. Enhancing word-of-mouth advertising and staying top of mind in the mind of potential clients is the most cost-effective way to improve sales.

So, keep your camera batteries charged, and have a member of the team with a steady hand (or gimble) available when you are ready to begin your next welding project. You never know when that eye-catching image or footage will be just the ticket a potential customer needs to partner with you.

As you can see, Welding and Social Media are undeniably a perfect couple when growing business in industrial manufacturing, machining, and fabrication.