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Machining & Fabrication: The Winning Formula for Price Tool’s Growth

Since the close of Price Tool’s first year under new management, the industrial CNC Machining and Metal Fabrication business has been flourishing.  The year was marked with achievements. These included: expanding into industrial market segments of aerospace and marine, up to a 50% reduction in lead times, double-digit sales growth, and a 25% increase in shop and administrative staff.

How could this happen in just twelve months?

Key to achieving this success started with several months spent meeting and speaking with the current staff and existing customers. We got to know each other and to understand the greatest areas of opportunity for improvement. It also provided the perfect backdrop to learn how Pride Tool could better serve the needs of each.

Next was to understand the business’s physical assets, including inventory and equipment. This began by establishing, formalizing, and performing a physical inventory process.  It served to not only develop important benchmarks for the newly acquired business but to also establish a clear path to reduce obsolete inventories.  During the process, our staff decluttered and better organized inventory, WIP, and customer stock. We thoroughly cleaned plant areas that were previously a challenge to access. These efforts not only provided much-needed current inventory space and additional space for growth;  we also created a safer work environment by clearing the way for safety equipment installations.

Utilizing the information provided by the staff and our customers, Pride Tool researched best-in-class technology updates to upgrade and improve the entire plant’s IT infrastructure. This started with the backbone IT server systems, including the email systems. “Upgrading all the systems to the latest versions was a bit of a challenge, but well worth the effort,” stated Scott Schwarz, Pride Tool’s new owner and president. “We stated from day one, that improving the efficiencies throughout the plant was the top priority during the first two quarters, and I am proud to state that we accomplish that within the first quarter,” he continued.

Captial Investments

With the foundational improvements completed, our focus changed to initiating capital investments to serve our customers through the fourth quarter better. These investments included capital equipment purchases of CNC Machining Equipment, a Cincinnati Laser Cutter, a Fiber Laser Cutter, and upgrades to provide our staff with the latest in technology  These not only enhance the precision quality of each stations output but also increases manufacturing capacity.New metal bending press brake offers greater precision angles and added capacity.

A 4-axis dual pallet milling machine was added, as Pride Tool’s first equipment investment. We purchased a new OKUMA MBH5000 II dual pallet 4-axis horizontal mill that significantly increased milling capacity. MasterCam 3D programming was also purchased and installed for all mills and lathes. This was coupled with the purchase of a new 120-ton Press Brake and additional technology upgrades.

Our purchase of a new CLI Laser Cutting Center with Plasma Cutting capacity is our newest investment. Each equipment upgrade and purchase positions Pride Tool to offer top-quality products to customers increases capacity, as well as expands Pride Tool’s ability to service more industrial segments.

Industry Events and Connections

One of the highlights this year for Scott was attending industry events such as the Gosigerfest biennial gathering of manufacturing and CNC decision-makers, users, and vendors held in Dayton, Ohio.  “Attending events such as the Gosigerfest was a great opportunity to learn the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies available in the industry”, mentioned Scott.  “During the event, I’ve met a lot of great people and potential partners. It was my first Gosigerfest event, and I was greatly impressed. I’m looking forward to attending each event,” Scott stated.

Internal Investments

As a part of Scott’s vision, we trained and certified our staff in Lean Six Sigma methodologies. This included the entire staff, production teams, and administrative staff. “This was the perfect venue for driving home the importance of improving business processes through the reduction of defects and errors, minimizing variation, and increasing quality and efficiency,” stated Scott. “This mindset is important in fulfilling our customer promise for our products to meet customer requirements, EVERY time.”

There were many challenges during the year, but Pride Tool overcame them and is positioned for greater growth over the next 12 months. Follow our Linkedin page to keep up to date with Pride Tool information and news.  We look forward to growing together with our industry partners, our community, and especially our customers. Please feel free to contact us for all your metal fabrication needs.

Employee longevity aand Dedication at Pride Tool. Celebrating 35 and 20 years of dedication, our employees play a crucial role in our success.

Employee Longevity and Dedication Celebrated at Pride Tool

Longevity and Dedication – The Pride Tool Difference

Celebrating 35 and 20 years of employee longevity and dedication, our employees play a crucial role in our success. Pride Tool is proud to officially recognize the loyalty, longevity, and achievements of two employees. This month, we are celebrating both Steve Baumer, celebrating his 35th year and Cameron Pease, celebrating his 20th year with Pride Tool.

35 Years Expertise and Dedication

Steve Baumer joined the team in October 1988. Employee longevity and dediction of Steve Baumer with 35 years of service at Pride Tool.Throughout his longevity with Pride Tool, Steve has continued to utilize his expertise to contribute toward the company’s success, as well as assisting the operations team as needed.  As an integral part of the team, Steve dedicates an invaluable amount of knowledge that he uses to continually grow and mentor both new and more junior machinist throughout the shop.

In 2023, Steve accepted a promotion to estimator and has moved to the front office. This has not curtailed his continued mentorship and guidance to our machinist group. He leads by example and is always prepared to support in all aspects of the operations.

Thank you for always putting your best foot forward! Your performance is always top-notch, even when you take on more work. We appreciate your thirty-five years of hard work, dedicaton, and willingness to help the company grow and succeed.


20 Years Expertise and Dedication

Our next senior employee is Cameron Pease. Cameron started his career at Pride Tool in November 2003. Cameron is a senior CNC machinist in our lathe department. This past November marked Cameron’s twentieth consecutive year of employment with Pride Tool. Employee longevity and dediction as exemplified by Cameron Pease, a 20 year experience CNC lathe operator at Pride Tool.

As a CNC lathe machinist, Cameron has proven his ability to effectively use computer-aided manufacturing to measure dimensions, set parameters, and check for quality controls while staying on top of the latest software. As part of his daily routine, Cameron uses the computer aided software to create designs for the production of precision customer parts. He routinely uses his expert skills to operate, maintain/clean, and calibrate machines and other tools. His meticulous attention to detail when inspecting materials for defects and making the necessary adjustments, is a critical step in our quality assurance.

Thank you, Cameron. Your outstanding performance over the last twenty years is an inspiration to us all. Through both your longevity and dedication, we have exceeded our goals for 2023 and look forward to doing the same in 2024. Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you both for being the wonderful people that you are and for each of your contributions to making the difference that Pride Tool makes to our customers.  Your employee longevity and dedication each of you have invested are a crucal factor in the continued success of our business. We are lucky to have you both and hope to have you both with us for many years to come!

As a thank you to both of our most senior and valued employees, both were provided a commemorative plaque along with a significant cash reward to remind them each of the value bring each and every day. Well, done, gentleman. We are so proud to have you both on our winning team.

If you would like to experience the Pride Tool difference, contact us for all your metal fabrication needs.

Pride Tool Investing in the Future of Manufacturing

New Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment Improves Consistency and Efficiency

Another new addition to Pride Tool’s equipment lineup is a CLi Fiber Laser Cutter by Cincinnati Incorporated. This CNC fiber laser cutting machine provides the latest technology. It increases operational efficiency and adds redundancy to production equipment which ensures consistent workflow capacity. Pride Tool’s new Cincinnati Cli Fiber Laser Cutter guarantees results and quality with its powerful laser head and easy-access design. The laser cutter enables Pride Tool to maintain complete control of the efficient production of quality, high-mix parts.

The Laser Cutter uses a powerful laser head, a 100mm collimator with a 150mm autofocus length that provides consistent results through a wide range of materials. Its efficiency starts with a compact design that offers dual-opening doors with roll-out tables for ease of access. It also provides the control and visibility needed to ensure best-in-class parts delivery.

“The addition of this fiber laser cutter was driven by our tremendous customer demand. It is just another step in our growth plan”, stated Scott Schwarz, Pride Tool President. “We are excited to have a great partner in Cincinnati that enables us to make continuous improvements to our operations. They enable us to deliver the best products and service to our customers,” he continued.

Pride Tool creates structural fabrication components for custom designs and assemblies in carbon steel, stainlessThe CLi Fiber Laser Cutter has a 100mm Collimator, 150mm Auto Focus length, and Capacitive Head. It can cut through a wide variety of materials with consistent results. steel, and aluminum. The industries we serve range from automotive to medical, and agricultural to aerospace. Combining this CNC fiber laser cutting machine with our existing equipment takes Pride Tool to the next level. With our investments in new technology and best-in-class equipment, we can handle even your most challenging projects.

Give us a call today. Or better yet, visit our website at pridetool.com and request a quote for your next project. We are ready to help, with new projects, or if you need to replace or duplicate your current provider! Our experienced estimators will reach out to ensure we incorporate all the specifications your project demands. Then provide you with a quote and lead time.